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Обучение функциональному английскому языку на уроке по теме: Музыка

Автор(ы): Денищенко Людмила Павловна, преподаватель английского языка

Предлагаемая серия уроков – попытка показать технологию работы над функциональным языком в рамках темы “Музыка”. В уроки включены интересные тексты и упражнения, максимально подходящие для работы в классе с учащимися уровня pre-intermediate.
Teacher’s notes
Objectives: by the end of the series of the lessons the students will be able to express/give their opinion about types of music
1. What musical genres do you know? Add more words to the lists.
  • Types of music: jazz
  • Instruments: guitar (cello violin piano saxophone drums flute trumpet)
  • People in music: singer (conductor –дирижер musician solo artist)
  • Musical equipment: CD player ( cassette/tape recorder CD/ compact disc headphones- record stereo walkman)
  • Musical groups: orchestra ( choir group/band)
Do you know the types of music in the box? Match them with the singers and bands.
Afro-American John Lee Hooker, B.B.King
Jazz Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, Glenn Miller, Ella Fitzgerald
Rock’n’roll (раскачиваться и вращаться) Elvis Presley, Status Quo (лат. “неизменное сост-е”)
Rock the Beatles, the Rolling Stones
Hard- rock Deep Purple, Ozzy Osborn, Queen, Freddie Mercury, Aerosmith, Scorpions
Soul and funk Janet Jackson
Reggae Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff
heavy metal Jon Bon Jovi, Metallica
pop Cher, Boney M, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Robby Williams, Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys
rap Eminem
techno (электронная танц.муз)/rave “неистовствовать” the Prodigy
classical Beethoven Mozart
opera Pavarotti Domingo
country and western
World music (этническая)
Listen to six pieces of music. Match the number by its type.
(1-folk, 2-classical, 3- jazz, 4 - pop, 5- reggae, 6- techno)
2. Put the words, which describe likes and dislikes in order from positive to negative.
All right awful boring brilliant dreadful dull exiting fun great nice OK relaxing superb terrible terrific wonderful amusing depressing interesting irritating moving passionate sad silly thrilling
Positive: terrific brilliant superb wonderful great exiting fun relaxing nice
Neutral: all right OK
Negative: dull boring dreadful terrible awful
What’s your opinion of the types of music? I think opera is boring, but I love rap.
But in my opinion, …

What genre do you prefer? (You can use these adjectives to describe your opinions about things you like or dislike.)
Ask for a person’s opinion
Do you like it? I like it. I don’t like it .
Do you really like it? I like it very much. I don’t like it at all.
How do you like it? I like it a lot. I don’t like it a bit.
Is this OK? I really like it very much. I can’t stand it.
Is this all right? I love it.
3.What about today’s music? Do we understand it or do we just love the noise it makes? Do you agree with the speakers?
“No one is interested in the lyrics today, are they? It’s the music that is important.” Eva, Budapest.
“I’m astonished how popular opera is now. I think it’s due to singers like Pavarotti and Domingo”. Sinead, Cork.
“I’m bored with so much British and American rock. Why can’t we hear more music from other countries?” Jeanne, Paris
4. What is your favourite track?
Alex Roomer interviewed Californian teenagers about their favourite Linkin Park tracks.
a) “I really like Runaway because it pushes the rap/rock genre to new heights.” Daniel, 19
b) “I dig (slang/ love) Runaway because it has an honest look at the teenage psyche”. Emma, 16
c) “The rap-rock explosion known as Linkin Park can’t fail. They have an amazing sound, they speak to people our age. The best song is Runaway.” Bryan, 20.
d) “Papercut is my jam (slang/favourite music). I like playing it as loudly as I can in my car stereo and driving really fast. It’s a really intense beat and the guitar parts rock really hard. The lyrics are absolutely incredible, and I really feel how the singer fills.” Edward, 18.
e) “In the End” is really catchy (slang/easy to remember), I can sing to it. The song is really well orchestrated”. Lorna, 19.
5. Look at the pictures on the collage. Which singers do you know? Match the names with the pictures.
To my mind this is Louise Armstrong.
If I’m not mistaken…
Write a description of music style/ singers / bands linking the extra info with who(people), which(thing), where.
Ex. Pavarotti, who is an opera singer, lives in Italy.
7. Our journalist interviewed Matt Black who is a great Kylie Minogue fan. His favourite track is Confide In Me. Turn this fictitious negative review into the fantastic one that Matt gave it by changing the underlined words and phrases to their opposites or to more positive words and phrases which appear in the box below.
Confide In Me
The song and the singer are terrible 1)_______! This one is especially difficult 2) _______ to listen to. And as for the video-Yuk! 3)_______!
Kylie was going through an easy 4) _______ when she made this and maybe it was a murmur of 5) _____ help. I personally always 6) _____ thought she was dreadful 7)______ and she has come back to be a number twenty-nine 8) ______ performer. I think that the more unattractive 9) _____dance style of music and the horrible 10) ______outfits she used in this song were a great part in this. All the same, she was signed up 11) _____ by her record company around the time this record was released. That was brilliant 12) _____. But none of us 13) ______ know how the story ends! I personally have already heard 14) _____ enough of her. She is such a repulsive 15) _____ little elephant 16) ______ ! If she ever has children, I hope they don’t look 17) _____ or sound like her so we can keep on being bored 18) ______ in the same way for another 40 years!
entertained Wow! pixie never

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