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Обучение грамматике на уроках английского языка (оборот there was/were)

Автор(ы): Гузнова Зоя Яковлевна

Topic: do you like your old house/room?
Aims of the lesson: by the end of the lessons students will be able to compare their old room and the new one using structures there is/are, there was/were.
New language (grammar): structures there was/were.
Equipment: a coursebook for the 6-th form by V.P. Kuzovlyev, grammar table with the structures there is/are, there was/were, hand outs.
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I. Warming up activity.Look at the picture of the living room and answer some questions:

  • What kind of room is it?
  • What is there in the middle of the room?
  • How many sofas are there in the room?
  • Is there a TVset or a tape-recorder on the table?
  • What is there near the window?
II. Presentations of the new grammar structurethere was/were.
  1. From previous lessons you now how to describe your rooms using the structurethere is/are.
  2. Today we are going to speak about your old room using the structure there is/are in the past.
  3. Listen to the sentences and try to find the analogy in them.
  • There is a book on the table.
  • There was a book on the table.
(убрала книгу)
Answer my question:
Is there a book on the table now?
No, there is not.
  • There are 16 Ss in your class this year.
  • There were 12 Ss in your class last year.
Answer my question:
Are there 16 Ss?
Yes, there are.
Answer my question:
Are there 12 Ss?
No, there aren’t.
  1. Now look at the table with the structures there is/are there was/were and say what the difference is between them.
  2. Open your exercise-book and complete the rule.

III. Practice.
  1. Find the new structure in the extract from the letter. – ex.1.1), p.48
  2. Say statements according to the model. (They substitute the underlined words for the words given in brackets)
  • There was a bed in the room (a sofa, an armchair, a wall unit, a wardrobe, a table).
  • There were flowers in the room (curtains, shelves, beds, chairs, armchairs).
  1. Fill in the gaps with was or were.
It … the little room in the world. There … a comfortable bed. There … a tiny fountain in the middle of the room. There … beautiful flowers on the windows, and there … a shelf with books. There … many green dresses in wardrobe.
IV. Production.
  1. Describe the room in the picture using the new structure (Ex. 2.1), p.49 in student’s book).
  2. Look at the pictures in your hand outs and write down five things that changed (they compare the old room and the new one using structures there is/are, there was/were).

There was a small carpet on the floor. Now there is a big carpet on the floor.

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