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Автор(ы): Пивоварова Наталья Владимировна, учитель английского языка

"One Hundred to One" (a game)
(for the 8th, 9th – graders)
There are two teams playing the game. Every team has 5 students and it’s own motto.
At the beginning of the game the leader appears. He welcomes spectators and invites teams.
The teams introduce themselves to each other and the game starts. The game has 5 rounds and is like the TVgame “One Hundred to One” (“Сто к одному”) but there is “The game with spectators” before “The vice versa game”.
Round 1. “The Plain Single Game”.
Every point of the team is multiplied to one.
The question: What do people hide from children?
matches 58, medicine 12, sweets 6, knives 6, all things 3, books 2.

Round 2. “The Double Game”.
Every point of the team is multiplied to two.
The question: Where do people meet each other?
on a visit 27, in the street 21, in transport 14, at work/ at school 13, at a disco 8, in a cafй 6.

Round 3. “The Triple Game”.
Every point of the team is multiplied to three.
The question: What may you not do on the lesson, but you want to do very much?
to talk 41, to play 11, to sleep 10, to laugh 9, to copy 5, to eat/ to chew 5.

The Game with the spectators
A question is asked to the spectators. The winner is the one who gives the most unpopular answer to the question.
The question: Who swims in ice?
ice–breakers 25, walruses 20, seals 16, icebergs 14, penguins 7, white bears 5.

Round 4. “The Vice Versa Game”.
The teams must give the most unpopular answer to the question (the answer of the lower line of the list of answers). The teams have 30 seconds to think over the question Then they give their version. (The team losing the game starts), then the leader opens the list of answers so the teams can see the results. The jury counts the score and names the winner. The winner – team is going to play the “Great Game”. All the players of both teams are given presents.
The question: What is the most important invention of mankind?
A wheel 15, a bike 30, electricity 60, aTVset 120, a telephone 180, fire 240.
Round 5. “The Great Game”.
The winner – team chooses two students who must play “The Great Game”. To win it they have to score with 200 points. One player (he is to answer as the second one) goes out. The first player is asked 5 questions. He gives answers and the jury counts his points. Then the second player is invited and asked the same questions. If his answer is like the first player’s answer, the leader stops the game and the second player has to change his version and give another answers. Then he is given his points and the jury counts the results. In the end the team gets the super – prize or does not.
The question of “The Great Game”.
  1. Who are the children afraid of? Baba – Yaga 28, a policeman 21, an ogre 10, a wolf 8, a goblin 3, a doctor 3.
  2. Who lives in deserts?
  3. Camels 43, lizards 19, snakes 11, ostriches 8, people 5, tortoises 2.
  4. What do people usually do on a beach?
  5. Become sunburnt 51, swim 12, rest 7, lie 5, watch 4, play cards 3.
  6. What do you put into your soup?
  7. Salt 50, potatoes 15, water 13, meat 7, vegetables 4, spices 2.
  8. Who asks too many questions?
Children 53, teachers 10, wives/husbands 9, policemen 6, reporters 5, doctors 4.
“Love at First Sight”(a game)
(for the 10ht, 11ht-graders)
There are eight participants in the game (4 boys, 4 girls)
At the beginning of the game a leader appears. He welcomes spectators and invites participants. The rules of the game are explained and the game starts. It has 4...

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